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What we do

We provide Bitcoin payment and security solutions for businesses.
We enable stores to accept bitcoin in-store and online by integrating software into point-of-sale systems and websites. Some types of business invoice customers and require payment by some future date. We provide a bitcoin payment option to such invoices. Using Bitcoin requires a computer to run the relevant software, and we provide the preferred degree of support.

We enable our clients to secure their funds in a suitable way. This means appropriate use of addresses and spending conditions, and we are able to act as 'spare key'. We supply suitable hardware devices to store keys and metal backups to store seed phrases safely.

Our philosophy is always to help you understand the possible ways of achieving a desired outcome and then working with you to implement the solution that best fits your preferences. Partnership

SovBTC is excited to announce our partnership with We will be offering out customers a streamline integration with their payment systems, generating revenue growth.
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The Old Lady of Threatneedle Street

The Digital Pound

The Bank of England has released papers about the retail CBDC or digital pound, which will be developed for 2025 at the earliest. It is funded by the Cash Ratio Deposit scheme and is seen as a way to maintain [...]
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Liberty in Our Lifetime

We are delighted to announce we will be attending the Liberty in Our Lifetime conference in Prague, October 14-15. Use discount code SOVBTC for 10% off!
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Bitcoin FilmFest

The BFF was attached to this years Weekend of Capitalism and rather ironically took place in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw - Stalin's 'gift' to the Polish people.
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Whether for your business or personal cash balance, bitcoin is the future.

Get Bitcoin

Learn how to use bitcoin with best practices.

add bitcoin option to invoices

Use our web app to generate bitcoin payment invoices when your client is ready to pay.

collaborative custody

Stay in total control of your Bitcoin with peace-of-mind custody solutions, including multi-sig vaults.

Point of sale

Get setup to accept bitcoin in commerce, both online and in-store.


Engage us to work on bespoke solutions involving bitcoin.

Node solutions

We can setup and run the bitcoin software to whatever degree of sovereignty you prefer.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a free and open source software protocol that can be run by anyone. It provides unmatched reliability and security for transactions. Users are not subject to third parties or borders.

Bitcoin brings a wholly new level of certainty to money. It has a fixed supply and is governed by network consensus, making any changes to the protocol difficult to achieve. This is not nebulous - you can and should run the numbers on the money you use.

Bitcoin absolves itself of all the trust required with traditional monies. All balances and transactions are auditable by any node.

Widely used in commerce and as a savings asset, Bitcoin users learn very quickly that it represents a step-change in monetary technology.

15000+ nodes

Bitcoin is highly distributed, providing unrivalled decentralisation. Low cost of setting up and running a node means this number will remain high as the chain grows. Nodes enforce integrity on miners; don't trust, verify. 

$18B daily throughput

Every day huge values are transacted in Bitcoin blocks with no recourse to chargebacks or disputes. Bitcoin transactions are final. And in practice, the Lightning Network utilises Bitcoin to increase this value even higher.

~15GW network security

Miners are providing the equivalent output of 15 nuclear power stations in the competition to produce blocks. This is a huge amount of security provision and signifies vast investment in the integrity of bitcoin.

Your keys to the new economy.
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