simple instore payments

Accept Bitcoin on your Point of sale system

Offer your customers the ability to pay in bitcoin, reduce the friction in online commerce.

Acquire and configure PoS hardware

step 1
We acquire and configure suitable devices for your shop. Using BTCPay Server you enable easy bitcoin transactions, both on-chain and Lightning. We also handle Inbound liquidity provision.

look after your funds

Step 2
Now you are happily accepting bitcoin, we advise on how to setup and maintain a custody model that works for you. 

Devise a treasury strategy

step 3
Expenses are not yet commonly denominated in bitcoin. We advise and implement treasury solutions that provide the flexibility you desire.

choose your level of assistance

step 4
Now you are up and running, decide what level of assistance you want going forward.

Let's get you set up

We look forward to upgrading your monetary experience.
Your keys to the new economy.
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