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Pay in bitcoin, both on-chain and over Lightning network, thanks to our partnership with Cryptosteel!
We are delighted to be working with such a well known and respected brand.

Cryptosteel has been producing high-quality metal backups since 2013. The famous Capsule is a stalwart product and not to be missed by anyone wanting to store their seed phrases in a near-indestructible way.

Head to the Cryptosteel store and take advantage of their End of Summer sale! Partnership

SovBTC is excited to announce our partnership with We will be offering out customers a streamline integration with their payment systems, generating revenue growth.
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The Old Lady of Threatneedle Street

The Digital Pound

The Bank of England has released papers about the retail CBDC or digital pound, which will be developed for 2025 at the earliest. It is funded by the Cash Ratio Deposit scheme and is seen as a way to maintain [...]
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Liberty in Our Lifetime

We are delighted to announce we will be attending the Liberty in Our Lifetime conference in Prague, October 14-15. Use discount code SOVBTC for 10% off!
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Bitcoin FilmFest

The BFF was attached to this years Weekend of Capitalism and rather ironically took place in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw - Stalin's 'gift' to the Polish people.
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