buy bitcoin...or become a bitcoiner

Sovereign Individual Onboarding

Compress years of experience into your first bitcoin purchase.

understand why, what, and how

step 1
Bitcoin is software. but it is also a clock, a network, a messaging system, and most importantly money. Have all your questions and curiosities addressed with a comprehensive one-on-one.

Get bitcoin

Step 2
Using our partner's services, you will acquire your first sats and send them to your custody.

store it for the long run

step 3
You will receive a hardware device from one of our partners and be shown best practices.

Use bitcoin

step 4
Bitcoin is monetising. But it is so superior that you will want to use it. We show you interesting use cases. but remember to replace the sats you spend - we have partner benefits.

Let's get you set up

We look forward to upgrading your monetary experience.
Your keys to the new economy.
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